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1. Do I always have to take an agent with me
     when I'm going to buy a property?

It is not obligatory, but certainly advisable. Your father or uncle may know a lot, but an expert always knows more! If you’re enthusiastic about a house, then you will have a one-track mind: buy – buy – buy. We maintain a business perspective and keep a cool head in the cut and thrust of negotiations.

2. How much does it cost to hire Hugo as my
      buying agent?

Your investment is € 495 + 15% of the difference between the asking price and the actual price you pay, with a minimum of € 3500,--. This includes VAT and one structural survey.

3. How many properties can we look
      at together for that rate?

There’s no limit to the number of properties. We do ask you to have a look at a property yourself first, before we go and look together. Because, after all, it’s fun to look at properties! And when you find a house you like, then we go into action. Should the sale fall through for any reason, then we’ll continue the search with renewed vigour.

4. Do I still have to pay Hugo if there's
      no purchase?

If we can’t agree on a price with the vendor, we won’t charge you for our costs. We’ll simply continue to help you find a home as agreed in the intermediary service agreement. If you decide not to buy due to structural deficiencies in the property or because you are unable to obtain a mortgage, then you pay a contribution towards the actual and agreed costs.

5. What if you can’t negotiate a lower price?

In that case, you pay just € 495 + € 3500,-- for our services. Including VAT and one structural survey.

6. Can I pay for these costs as part of the

Most banks consider hiring a buying agent to be a smart move and will be happy to finance these costs.

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